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Attractive Jovana is a naughty girl with a taste for fetish play who enjoys spending as much time naked as possible. She enjoys posing for photographs and has been a nude model for various art classes. She enjoys horseback riding in her spare time. “There’s just something about being astride such a mountain of muscle,” Jovana says of horseback riding. “I have always loved that feeling of power, having this monstrous animal between your legs. People think of horses as very beautiful and graceful, and they certainly are, but they’re actually kind of stupid. I don’t mean that in a mean way. I just mean that the average horse doesn’t really care if it throws you and then crushes your skull by stepping on you. They’re just creatures of muscle and instinct. That’s why it’s such a powerful and profound thing to ‘break’ a horse so that you can ride him. They’re such wild beasts in their natural state, so stubborn and willful… but they respond to consistent and persistent time spent conditioning them to behave how you want them. I guess they’re not really all that different from people in that way.” ❤❤ Jovana goes on, “I love riding horses also because I love the thought of being able to control something with my crop, with the reins, and with my will. I think that’s why I like fetish play so much. I think people tend to make bad associations with that word as if fetish play is something to be ashamed of. It’s not. We all have different kinks and we all deserve the chance to make them come true, to enjoy ourselves. You only ever get to enjoy yourself fully when you’re expressing your deepest, kinkiest, innermost desires. Why would you be ashamed of that? Everyone has them, and sure, it may not look all that dignified when you’re indulging in them. But isn’t that the point? You’re letting go of the way you normally behave and indulging in things you wouldn’t do in polite company. I think we all need to cut loose like that from time to time. It keeps us stable. It keeps us human. And it keeps us interested in life.” ❤❤ Posing for nude photographs and artwork is something Jovana has always enjoyed. “I’m proud of my body,” she says, “and if other people can enjoy my body for their own reasons, that makes me happy too. I love it when I pose for an art class, and I see the looks on the faces of the men… and some of the women… when they see me naked for the first time. When you’re posing like that, you have an awful lot of time to think. After all, you’re just supposed to sit there and not talk or move. You have to be a statue and stay as still as possible. So you get to just kind of lounge there and watch the faces of the people who are studying you. It turns me on. to think that they’re not just looking at me, but studying every curve and contour of my body in order to reproduce it. It’s an almost intimate thing to have someone’s eyes moving over you like that. It’s as if they’re using their hands to touch me all over… and I think some of them would definitely like to.” ❤❤ Jovana is not ashamed to return some of that interest. “When I pose, I like to choose those among the audience who I would sleep with if I had the chance. Some of them can see me thinking about it, too.”

Age: 24
Heihgt: 169
Weight: 54
Tits: 5

1 – hour: $ 500.-
2 – hours: $ 800.-
3 – hours: $ 1.000.-
6 – hours: $ 1.500.-
12 – hours: $ 2.500.-
24 – hours: $ 4.000.-

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